3 Tips for Healthy Eating

1 min readAug 12, 2022

You know the saying that it’s what you love that kills you. Well, there’s some truth to it — sadly.

Here are 3 foods you’re consuming that can be dangerous to your health:

(1) Table salt — Grabbing the salt shaker has become a reflex for some of us. But the truth is, eating too much table salt does your body no good when dealing with high blood pressure. And even when you’re not dealing with the condition, prevention is better than cure.

(2) Foods with saturated and trans fat — This is a difficult one because who doesn’t like fried foods? However, saturated fats aren’t among the healthy fats to consume. Therefore, don’t use plenty of oil when frying and avoid meats with a lot of fat.

(3) Alcohol, caffeine and soda — Drinking too much of these will only lead to consuming empty calories, processed sugar, and caffeine, which increases your blood pressure. If you love coffee so much, you can switch to half-caff coffee or decaf. And there are teas that contain low amounts of caffeine too.