7 Facts About PTSD

  1. The trauma with the highest likelihood of leading to PTSD is rape (13.1%) and sexual assault (15.1%).
  2. 85% of people who develop PTSD have the onset of their symptoms within the first most post-traumatic event or after a series of traumatic events.
  3. PTSD is the third most common mental health disorder after mixed anxiety and depression and general anxiety disorder.
  4. 78% of people diagnosed with PTSD will be diagnosed with another mental disorder in their lifetime.
  5. 40% of people diagnosed with PTSD are later diagnosed with substance use disorder.
  6. The more severe your PTSD symptoms, the more your blood pressure is likely to be higher — which can cause death.
  7. A 2016 study found an average of 4.5 years between people seeking treatment and tho receiving it.

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